29.01.2014 Kommersant


Sergey Gordeev’s company “Platforma” could become an co-investor in the construction of one of the two largest transport hubs in Moscow – transport interchange hub “Kotelniki” with the area of 570 000 sq. m. The company is negotiating purchase of land plot for construction of a shopping mall.

As two sources in the market told “Ъ”, “Platforma” is negotiating the purchase of land for the construction of a shopping center as part of transport interchange hub (TIH) “Kotelniki”. “This is about the area of 6.6 hectares of land adjacent to the Novoryazanskoye highway in the area of construction of metro station “Kotelniki”, transaction amount comprises about $50 million”, – says one of them, adding that “Platforma” is interested in construction of shopping mall with the area of about 140 000 sq. m, which is planned as a part of transport interchange hub. A representative of “Platforma” confirmed its interest in the project, but claims that the company refused to participate.

TIH “Kotelniki” will be built in conjunction with the eponymous metro station of Violet Metro Line, which will extend beyond Moscow Ring Road; it will be located in the urban settlements Kotelniki, Lyubertsy and the district of Moscow Vykhino-Zhulebino (totals to 22.3 ha). The total building area of the TIH amounts to 570 000 sq. m. A multifunctional center, retail space and parking areas for 9 thousand parking lots will be built there.

“Now the construction project with the land plot costs about $ 50-60 million, approximately $ 28 million will be needed for construction”, – said Maxim Leshchev, General Director of “Geo Development”. A source of “Ъ” says that Sergey Gordeev negotiates the purchase of land title with the businessman Jan Rovner. There is a shopping and exhibition center “Avtogarant” on Novoryazanskoye Highway 6, in the area of the construction of the metro station “Kotelniki” and the designed TIH, which provides a full range of services for buying and selling of used cars, and also lets the premises. Its website states that “the history of the group of companies “Avtogarant” began in 1992 under the leadership of Jan Rovner.”

According to the database of “SPARK-Interfax”, “Avtogarant” is owned by the two individuals; we failed to get any comment of the company. The construction department of Moscow have informed that the site allocated for the construction of TIH “Kotelniki” is owned by LLC GVSU, without disclosing any other details. There is no information on such company in “SPARK-Interfax”. A source of “Kommersant” notes that the land of “Avtogarant” is partly used for the construction of Parkoviy microdistrict (in Kotelniki), which is conducted by the holding company “GVSU Center” (one of the largest contractors in Moscow, project portfolio includes approximately 1 million sq.m.). “GVSU Center” failed to respond promptly to the request of “Ъ”. The same happened at Mikhail Cherkasov’s MC “Razvitie” (the owner of “GVSU Center”). Mr. Cherkasov worked at “Rosbilding”, one of the founders of which was Sergey Gordeev.

Sergey Gordeev, who sold most of real estate during the crisis (he realized around $ 800-900 million for  five business centers and the business center “Olympia” construction project, which was acquired by Boris Mints’ O1), returned to the Moscow real estate market in 2013 by buying unfinished shopping center River Mall from the Bank of Moscow (estimated at $ 450-500 million). Market participants claim that the businessman has big plans and he looks for assets in commercial real estate in different regions. “Part of Sergei Gordeev’s strategy is development by placing in the TIH”, – said one of the interlocutors of “Ъ”. He has already concluded one such deal by buying a land plot next to the metro station under construction named “Salaryevo” in New Moscow, where one of the largest TIH (built-up area – 30 ha) will also be built. Sergey Gordeev’s interests in construction industry are not limited to commercial real estate – in late 2013 he bought  19.9% stake in the property developer PIK Group from Suleiman Kerimov (the rest of Kerimov’s package – 16.02% – was bought by Alexander Mamut).